About Us

Dear friends,

Lets take a minute to introspect ourselves on our memory part. We will cherish few moments in life which are very fresh and happy and also there can be few painful moments as well. We can recite the story of a film watched ages ago!!! We can still mimic the dance poses of our favorite actors. It is very mesmerizing to travel back on years through our memory.

Continuing this, lets cross check if we remember what we read in the newspaper yesterday, a week ago, a month ago. Are we able to get back the day of the month which fell on this date.  I am sure there is a maximum NO for this.

In our day to day lives, I am sure there are many things which we have forgotten and regretted back. It can be as simple as forgetting a shopping list or a watch or calling a friend or can be serious ones like forgetting diagnosis reports or other important documents, forgetting parking place of the car. When we are able to recall the movies, events of ages back, why are we struggling to remember such important ones??Is it that we have separate memory for movies and separate memory for other things??

If we take the examples here we can see few personalities who are have bench marked their life. Like for an example Steve Jobs, Sir M. Visweshwaraiah, Isaac Newton etc etc. We would be suspecting if god has gifted them something different than us?? Has god cheated us??? NO.  Dear friends, the only difference between them and other human beings is that they have utilized their brain to the full extent while other have not done it. They had set the right goals and strive for those goals in each breath of  their life.

Here at NR Institute, we are trying to explore the hidden power of human brains, the secrets for success. NR Institute mainly focuses on the memory aspects and how to improve the memory and concentration and thus achieve greater heights in life. We should never think the buzz words like Memory and concentration are only for students. A scientific research has revealed that memory and concentration is required for every individual irrespective of their age or work cultures. Hence we are trying to provide the best for both the students and as well as other individual groups

Here are few glimpse of what is inside NR Institute.

For students:

  1. Be able to memorize chapters of books word to word…
  2.  Improve the confidence and ability, learn to give presentations, speeches without notes.
  3.  Retain abstract data such as math, physics, and chemistry Formulas.
  4.  Remember spellings of difficult terminologies.
  5.  Remember meanings of long terminologies in seconds.
  6.  Remember names and faces
  7.  Routinely memorize 100 digit numbers after hearing only once!
  8.  Instantly recall , facts, details, information, maps or locations
  9.  Remember more than 2000 years calendar by exact day.
  10. It’s No matter how bad a memory you think they have, we can Develop as a Super Power Memory.
  11.  Get better grades in school studying HALF the time by studying only half the time!
  12.  Develop a keen focus and concentration on reading materials
  13.  Learn foreign languages in a flash.
  14.  Recall names and faces even years later and astound friends, family, with new abilities and knowledge!
  15.  Dramatically improve comprehension skills to not only keep up with all of reading, but actually “remember” what you read!
  16.  Learn how to use your memory to memorize 50 or more random items in just minutes.

 For professionals/adults/entrepreneurs:

  1. Ability to understand the problem and analyse the problem in flash of seconds.
  2. Think of the solutions in wider angles with the pros and cons.
  3. Calculate the cost of a work in seconds.
  4. Remember and recall the meeting minutes in seconds without taking down the notes.
  5. Remember the voices of unknown personalities.
  6. Remember and recall the important event dates.
  7. List and prioritize the day today activities in seconds and achieve them 100%.
  8. Get the hours of work done in minutes.
  9. Get 100% productivity from peers and colleagues.