Stephen Hawking in my eyes”!!! – “You get what you deserve”

Thursday 15th Mar 2018, newspapers were flooded with the sad demise of the most physically challenged person, many RIPs, videos about Stephen.
Though I knew a little about him earlier, my eyes went on to read more and more about him.
When I was glancing   the paper, the only question came to my mind was how he has managed to survive?? How he managed his daily cores?? I was deeply thinking on this.
His young age was not the age like me and you of a perfect health. He completely depended on others for his daily works.

I asked to myself where this energy came from? How did he really manage to achieve something which we would not even dare to think. With these pathetic disabilities, he would have easily given up the enthusiasm in life and scarified his family. He would have easily leaned back on god for the ugly body and curse him.

He is just not an epitome of discovery; he is also a person who enjoyed his life crossing his physical limitations.

On his 60th birthday, he took courageous step to travel in
the hot air balloon…

He broke off his leg in his wheel chair due to an accident
On his 65th birthday, he travelled in the zero gravity flight….

His explanation to these risks were very simple and easily understandable
“I want to show that people need not be limited by the physical handicaps as long as they are not disabled in spirit”

There are lot and lot many achievements that I can text for pages now… But that is not my interest.

If his body was not supporting him for his ambition, for the purpose of life, when his health was not with him, then what else pushed him to show to the world that
Black holes are not really black in color?
They are not threatens for the universe, rather they are
boon to us?
With such a pain, how was he ever able to think and
discover “How the universe is formed??”. How could he
lay out his bench mark on cosmology??

In my view, he had spirit in each of his cells, his body and his mind was aligned on one goal; each cell among one trillion cells in his body united and stood for him.

Then I realized this is what we need to adopt in our life. We have to firmly stand for what we have planned and discover the uniqueness in us. God gifts the human life. We need to find the purpose for this life and live it full.

Ending my words here, I strongly below in these words. “Always god gives us what we deserve”.

He got such a caring wife and lived with her for 25 years and got remarried with a nurse who was caring him…
Breathing was difficult, so got a breathing pipe…..
Not able to walk, got a well-equipped wheel chair…..
Words were slipping from his speech.. So got a language transmitter attached to his chair….

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